It was dark, well dark enough for passer-bys to fantasize o’er blemished spotlights far off, beyond all round like spluttered grains, dark enough for me to think it won’t be day again, not in quite a while. But things could have been different today, different enough to make a story about, and it was. The fireflies’ eve. Thursday . The ladybugs would sway up and down with stars on their hands, to fireflies. “Don’t be a spoil sport, this is the last eve, they say these fireflies had light, light enough to brighten everything round, would there have been such ‘eve’s then? at their times? Oh, works in hand, join the dusk sharp at 6”. The thousand galaxies went along jostling , through this tiniest isle, flushing again through hazel mapled lane and were lost again. I stood there still, confused. My forefathers, in what you would love to call “buggies” loved them, and promised light won’t die, not even when their last firefly friend would have faded, with their least luciferins dooming out. But that was way long back, it did darken, they couldn’t help . Then why this pomp, why bothering night slumber, what for? But I had to be this foolishness too, that’s miserable I know. I just banged my oversized coat, and the crowd, bickering all way to the cemetery, with Sirius cupped in my fingers. Some had gelatine, pieces of glass reflecting lights of those who had stars. Yeah, the stars were dying too, what should we carry to the stars’ cemetery ? as metaphor tokens of glow? It worries me sometimes, we never had more cupids of dawn. Every surviving few genus are nyctophiliac as I look around. But those dots of light , those letting darkness appear dark is divulging too. The crowd walked along, some more joined in. By the time we made us to where lights lay doomed, extinguished, I turned back . I turned back to see all galaxies still cradling on buggies, not bothered of age, I knew in what they believed was “eternity”. They knew they had to make it to the next year, and the year after and the years following and forever, or maybe more than forever.

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