(from an Indian perspective)

The very theory of evolution of world from stagnant to dynamic and life thriving took over eras and ages along, and is still on it’s way of making and moulding. Life existence and human thereby is no exception and thus subject to this timeless procedure of evolving persona, stamina and intellectualism. Therefore any aim of one’s own pursuit or passion ought to take a better half of gestation period and requires a greater patience, perseverance and an optimistic outlook to one’s own capability. Shortcut is in no way fruitful to achieve a greater good let alone job opportunities.

However in recent world with increasing materialistic outlook and cravings for a secured future to the earliest, instead of satisfaction and reverence in career fields, the concept of “quick money” opened up to a spectre of shallow ways of income to youth one often falls prey to even at lowest of salary for a seemingly stable financial commodity often even out of family pressure deviating from the purpose of life a person dreamed of. For a person to achieve a broader prospect of satisfaction or in what the society may call “a good job” would surely take more sweat and blood than what’s most easily available, and this realisation of truth would give one a realistic reason to fight along, never to look back.

Most importantly, the parameters of a good job is not the one with greater salary and allowances, not even the one with greatest of fame and power but the one that makes one feel elated, ecstatic and enthusiastic about, recurring to one’s own areas of interest and awe. As Confucius once said :

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Looking into real life example setters is the iconic Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) founded as a protest against British colonial rule, boycotting foreign goods based upon self reliance and sufficience by Jamshetji Tata in 1912 that took over 100 years to attain a stable curve and is today one of the most prosperous and growing company of India.
Apart from business, research works, artistic and athletic skills take a greater time to master up enough for one’s living. It costed various scientists their entire lifetime to frame their insight to a practical ground, some yet again in vain, learning through experience and knowledge by age and time.

Time in itself is the greatest teacher, therefore cheating over time is disrespecting the most natural phenomenon of experience gathering and knowledge concussion and thus never of actual benefit, but is sure to cause stress and grieve in older age.

The quick sands of life is sure to baffle us, the clouds shimmering to darkness would not made us see too clear, stumble stones shall put us down to feet, over and over again. Yet , the never giving up zeal never fades, for we are no common mammals but the most prudent, most developed, most intellectual, the most diversified of all species, the most precious gift of The Divine Evolution.

61 thoughts on “GOOD JOB TAKES TIME

  1. I’m proud of the faith and believes, you have. Because I feel connected with them. We have watched Ramayana and Mahabharata since our childhood. Today’s world is rapidly changing. Does it have several questions – Meaning? Purpose? Satisfaction? Relations etc.?

    It is the 21st century. We have a modern approach. But I think answers to our many questions lie in the past.

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  2. Wonderful post😃
    Good things take time! As it is famously said by Edison, “Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits”.
    While “quick money” appears quick in today’s fast world, is not actually quick. Takes years of mastering finance. As you said, a good job takes time. I’d like to add, good skills take time to develop

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    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts ☺️
      I actually agree a lot ….every prospects in life let alone career or any skill takes time to develop and flourish….we should learn to be patient and optimistic … shortcut is no way out

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  3. Time… that elusive phenomenon that stretches into an unknown future, and left a colourful trail in the past… which does not move… yet seems to slip effortlessly between our fingers… must be seen as caring not whether we use it judiciously, or not… so we should not waste it, or abuse it… for it is outside of our control…

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  4. Wow, love your post about jobs. I totally agree that excitement and elation are the best possible reaction to a best possible job, but sadly most jobs are boring even for things one loves to do. The repetitive and the mundane rule the day, only punctuated by occasional inspiration–I am talking about writing which I really like to do. LOL.

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  5. What an interesting post! You made me think … most of the jobs I’ve had previously, I’ve enjoyed tremendously, but the salary wasn’t great. And then I know of some friends who have high paying jobs, but are stressed to the limit and not really enjoying the job itself (but they make far too much money to quit) … I have to agree with you, it’s not easy finding the balance 🤔.

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    1. Yeah…it’s really difficult to prioritize between money and satisfaction because very lucky people find both at a time…it requires a lot of bravery to choose for field one has passion for despite it’s shortcomings…
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts ☺️☺️


  6. Very interesting. But if we don’t have solid financial background, we may have to go for a job for the sake of money even when you are not enjoying it. Lots of guts required to follow your passion and earn from it.

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    1. Exactly…we are caught in prey of situation in most of the cases…it’s really sad…but let’s keep hoping and praying that we find our purpose in life at the earliest and keep working for achieving it☺️

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    1. That’s very true… considering that coping up with today’s lifestyle is becoming harder day by day…I think the only way out is to be happy with whatever little we have…the glass is half “filled” too ☺️


  7. You are right. Having something that you enjoy is way better than feeling drained because of something you believe you have to accomplish in the form of a job. Unfortunately, there are not many jobs that one can say they really enjoy. I love writing, but I know it takes more than forming sentences to be a great writer. I enjoy my job, but I don’t enjoy how management is allowing others to get away with things.

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  8. What an inspiring post. I know a person who wants to be a philosopher and he pursuit philosophy all his life and only when he is over 40, he gets a stable job. It’s a life time dedication and it takes time. Patience with oneself and generosity with oneself are very important. Try not to be swayed by what other people say or what the society is trying to push you to do.

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